Cloudflare is not speed up my website

I install Cloudflare on my wordpress website but it not speed up my website. Please help me in this

Hi, do you wanna share your domain, so we can have a look at it?


Check this

Thanks, I did. I tested in my local browser. No benchmarks as the page responded in about 40ms which is perfect for a commercial site driven by APO:

Then why it show 36% performance in GTmetrix

Please share the result as a link here, or the benchmark_id.

Also, APO fixes the problem of having a bad TTFB, it does not magically transform bad optimized pages into 100/100.

Check this

Please read this:

I can’t send link this chatbox not allow me to send links

Hello any updates?

From what I can see, virtually everything coming from Cloudflare (cached images / CSS / JavaScript etc) is loading incredibly fast. In my case, it’s typically 100ms per asset.

Except, the problem is that you seem to be running an insane amount of plugins and such on your website, which is making it take ages to actually load anything on screen. Your screenshot even shows that your website takes ages to become fully interactive.

Additionally, your TTFB for me was over 6 seconds, which is terrible. This can be helped with the use of Cloudflare APO, otherwise you’ll need to do some server optimisation.

I would suggest removing a bunch of unnecessary stuff on your website, starting with that weird floating dot that follows my mouse cursor. It’s things like that which make your website slower, and more vulnerable.

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I disable that mouse effect it increase performance percentage but not too much it is 48% now i need 90+

I can’t help but laugh at the number of people which since they read about the CWW affecting site performance on Google now all they seem to know how to write is “I want 90+”.

Did you test your site before Cloudflare? How it was?

And btw, one simple useless effect was turned off and the site improved 12% and you say it’s not much?

Do you really need almost a megabyte of CSS?

You’re going to need to disable a lot more plugins on your website to even get close to that number, and you still need to fix that TTFB issue too.

…from another CDN

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