Cloudflare is not protecting/caching my website

Hello. I have two domains pointing to the same deployment:


For some reason static assets like .js, .css etc gets cached by Cloudflare (cf-cache-status: HIT) at as well as nel, report-to and strict-transport-security response headers being added to origin server’s response. But doesn’t have those headers and every single static resource is being served from origin server (cf-cache-status: DYNAMIC all the time). I walked through every single setting there is in Cloudflare admin and settings for both domains are absolutely identical. In DNS tab all CNAME and A records are being proxied through Cloudflare (orange cloud). What am I missing here?

Hi. The origin server for is setting an E-Tag header. That might be the cause for the discrepancy.

Well it seems like I had email obfuscation enabled for but disabling it didn’t resolve this issue.