Cloudflare is not proprogating websites outside public_html

My server cPanel is configured to make addon domains folder outside of public_html. Cloudflare is not proprogating websites outside public_html, its only showing default page of public_html. When I pause Cloudflare site is working properly. how to configure such website with Cloudflare, while in Cloudflare we only have to put server ip in DNS

Was your website working in HTTPS before you add Cloudflare?

yes it was working fine, i just moved from older server to new one, changing setting in DNS is shows an error saying:
API Request Failed: POST /api/v4/accounts/{redacted}/intel/attack-surface-report/checkers/spf_check (502)

Yes, So many Users are Reporting this issue

Here’s more details about the issue .

Cloudflare Team is Investigating this Issue

The Issue is Fixed Now . PLEASE Try now & Confirm

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