Cloudflare is not propagating DKIM records


I have set up some DKIM records to be able to use Sendgrid and SimpleLogin with my registered domain, but when these services try to check out the required records, or when I try to use the UNIX command dig, no answer is received from Cloudflare DNS.

This is an example of what I receive when using the command dig:

Does anyone know what can I do for fixing this?

It looks like you have created NS records for           172800  IN      NS           172800  IN      NS
;; Received 369 bytes from in 20 ms 300    IN      NS
;; Received 104 bytes from 2a06:98c1:50::ac40:206c#53( in 4 ms

This would mean that you either need to manage all subdomains of _domainkey at or delete the NS records.


How could I manage _domainkey subdomains at

By the way, are NS records required for any functionality? Because I never added them.

The NS records mean that some email service can automatically create DKIM records for your domain. If you don’t use another email service, it’s safe to delete the record.

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Okay, it worked! Thank you so much for your help, @Laudian!


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