Cloudflare is not pointing to my host in my websites!


Since yesterday, all my websites with cloudflare are not working in both of my hosts, i tried to traceroute in one of them and cloudflare isn’t pointing to my hosts correctly. If I disable cloudflare they work almost instantly!

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 60 byte packets
1 *
2 *
3 *
4 ( 0.493 ms
5 ( 0.517 ms
6 ( 40.117 ms
7 ( 2.996 ms
8 ( 1.694 ms
9 ( 165.714 ms
10 ( 121.177 ms
11 ( 121.143 ms


That’s a poor error description unfortunately.
What’s the exact error?

Right now i get a certificate warning and get connected to your origin directly.

The last hop in your trace shows a Cloudflare IP, which is intended behavior when proxy mode is enabled :orange:


As soon as I activate cloudflare for the website for example (print of cloudflare) it stops working and shows error 522.

It wasn’t showing the error because I’ve disabled cloudflare (my client was complaining about the offline website), now it’s back on. Here is a print screen of the error:

Tell me if you need something else.

Thanks for your help.


I’ll keep with the issue, so you can see it.


522 is most likely your host blocking requests from Cloudlare network completely or rate limiting requests.

Ensure that the following networks are whitelisted on your firewall and that there’s no rate limiting active.