Cloudflare is not hosting site from nearest servers, if peoples accessing from india its going to US CDN servers

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Why does my site return a US IP address? and Peering - Why don't I reach the closest datacenter to me?

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Thanks for your replies. I have read those articles.

Is their any way to verify if my site is being hosted from nearest cloudflare server or not?

As the thread already mentions, that depends on your ISP. Also, Cloudflare does not host anything.

Thanks, but do you mean my site is not being hosted from nearby servers. as I have tried from many T1/top tier ISP’s from India and all are going to US cloudflare servers rather than local India servers.

For starters, Cloudflare does not host.

Second, what exactly have you tried and what is unclear about the two articles?

Hi Sandro,

I got your point that cloudflare does not host a site.
But the DNS/caching services provided by cloudflare, does not seem to be working from nearest servers.

Whats the domain in question?

Domain name is ()Edited - Domain name removed

Open on all the ISP connections you have tried so far and post each output here.

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This is not the output I asked for.

And this I addressed already a week ago. Based on your trace you are most likely going to Singapore, not the US.

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Neither of these connections went to the US. The first one was routed to the UK, the second one - as I predicted - to Singapore.

Again, please re-read what I wrote already one week ago. This will answer all your questions.

Ohk,Thanks. one of them went to UK, but why not India, if end user is from India.
2nd one went to singapore that is fine considering latency.

This, I explained a week ago as well. The second link.

No offence, but your

cant be accurate at all. If you had read the articles you wouldnt still ask these questions.

Ohk, I will read those again. I might have missed something in it…
Btw, Thanks a lot for your quick replies & support.

Have a great day!!!

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