Cloudflare is not handling any traffic


I’ve a Wordpress app with the official Cloudflare plugin.

The domain is active, but Cloudflare don’t handle any kind of traffic.
This checker also says it:

As I don’t see any error message I don’t know what to do.

Any idea?

The Selesti test is garbage. If you post your domain name, we can check it for you. Or try it at

This don’t test if a website is still using cloudflare. It’s not useful.

It does offer some pretty good indicators.

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Ok if I click on 'Stats I can see the complete result.
Cloudflare is not working.
Server is ‘nginx’.
The website is .

That domain is not using Cloudflare’s name servers. You will have to set them at your registrar (EPAG?).

You’re right thank you.
The problem was that in my Cloudflare account the domain has been created by siteground 1 year ago. Now I use another hosting. Deleting this domain and creating it again will probably resolve the problem, with the right DNS.

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Ok now with sitemeer I can see that the traffic ishandle by cloudflare.
Someone know why in the stats the bytes saved are 0?

Also in the Wordpress Cloudflare plugin the stats are empty.

Ok today Bytes saved signs 32Mb. Problem solved.

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