cloudflare is not disabled after full remove


in the DNS settings of the domain registered DNS without cloudflare, cloudflare works all the same (even after a day), removed the site from cloudflare, settings cloud flair still work.


eluld you mind to tell us the domain in question?

What exactly makes you think that Cloudflare settings are still applied?


settings are still applied?

if i change site ip in cloudflare site is down. if remove site from CF settings different save. (for example SSL certificate)

and /whois.domaintools.coms show CF ip, but ping from my pc show real site ip.
Now i again create site in CF otherwise site is down


WHOIS can take up to a day to update. Right now, I’m seeing as your name servers, and your regular IP address with a Let’s Encrypt certificate. Your site is working for me.

Did you want to add it back to Cloudflare, or leave it where it is?

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