Cloudflare is not connecting to my server?


I really don’t know whats going on. My nameservers are Cloudflare’s, but when I tested the server at nothing happens. My certificate is active and everything looks right on Cloudflare from what I can see.

When I use the Really Simple SSL plugin I get the error ‘Detected possible certificate issues’.

My website is


The certificate is fine. You just have Mixed Content. You can usually fix this by going to your Cloudflare Crypto settings and turn on “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.”


It is turned on.


That looks like progress. Now only StoreAdBanner5 is trying to load with http. I believe it’s this image:


How do I fix that?


Whatever is loading that image is reference it using http. It looks like you’re using WooCommerce, so it’s probably in there somewhere when you designed your storefront. It’s a background image for my_ad_space. Check your ad settings.


The only place I can add that is in Customization. There are no settingsbannerad


I’ll remove that image and see if that takes care of the problem.


I removed that image and still having the same problem.


I think that did take care of it:

Two final steps. Both in your Cloudflare Crypto settings:

  1. Turn on “Always Use HTTPS”
  2. Set Minimum TLS Version to 1.1


It is working now and I added the banner back also and its fine. Thank you SO much for all your help. You have no idea how much I appreciate it!!

Have an awesome day, and if you’re in the US have a great 4th!! :blush:


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