Cloudflare is not connecting to my server


Couple house ago, I changed my DNS to cloudflare as stated on DNS page but ever since then cloudflare as not connect to my server and the new nameservers has been propagated by my hosting provider. Anytime I visit the DNS page on cloudflare, and click on recheck nameservers, it displayed that my website has been queued that I should check back in few hours which in few hours, it also display the same thing, please help me out on this, thanks in advance.


It’s taken longer than a couple of hours for some of my domain transfers. Though sometimes a glitch throws some stuff off. What’s the domain?


Thanks for your reply, the domain is


You can only have Cloudflare name servers listed for your domain. You’ll need to delete the two web4africa name servers.


I have deleted it please what next


Thanks, my domain is now active but I just try to load my website is return “site can’t be reached”


There are no DNS records associated with your domain.


The initial setup scan usually grabs your DNS records, but sometimes it doesn’t. You’ll have to manually enter DNS records for @ and www that match the records from your old name servers. Or import them:


Is like I don’t understand what you mean, can you elaborate more.

And please, is it not possible to use your server to obtain the DNS records, because my hosting has not been returning my messages, my website has been down too long


Thanks in advance.


What’s your old name server, and which records are you trying to add?


The record am trying to add is the one needed by cloudflare for my site to start loading


In the DNS settings here, add an “A” record for @ with an IP address of
And an “A” records for www with the same IP address.

You old name server says you’re hosting email on the same server as your website. Is this correct?


Thanks I have added as required. But my email was on my olddomain not new domain


Well…if you have problems with email, post again.

For now, your site is reachable, but some resources aren’t loading on the first try. I recall a few days back it was loading ok.

You have something that’s minifying your css js files. You can turn those off and use Cloudflare’s Minify options on the Speed settings page.


Thanks for your support my website is now loading fine.

I don’t know if you are aware, but my website can be access by two domains, one which is the old one and the other which is the one I just registered with the olddomain redirecting to the newdomain, when cloudflare ask me to point my nameservers to theirs, I changed the nameservers for the two domain, so my question, it that right or I should change it for only my newly registered domain


My olddomain is returning

"This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.

ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH" so I contacted my hosting provider and they said

"The error you are experiencing is due to SSL protocol version or cipher suite that does not match what is available on the server side

I’ve noticed that your domain is using Cloudflare nameservers, please contact Cloudflare’s support for further assistance with this query"

So please help me to check into it


For, what is the Status on your Crypto page here? It should be “Active Certificate”

Since you only want to use the new domain, do you have a Page Rule on waponpoint that forwards all requests to the new domain? Or something set up that forwards visitors to the new domain?

#19 is set up to direct every traffic to the new domain


Please concerning the olddomain issue, it is still yet to be fix and am waiting for your reply please


Did you set up that Page Rule for the old domain?