Cloudflare is not clearing old cache

Hi, i am using Cloudflare CDN and hostgator as hosting service.

But Cloudflare is not clearing the old cache as it is not showing the latest updates posts and website dedigns. Still the old wesite is shown. When i am logged in to the wordpress dashboard then it works fine on the same browser.

I contacted hostgator and they said that this problem is not at their end as hostgator is able to fetch latest content on the site. Its Cloudflare’s problem as it is not clearing the old cache.

I tried reaching to customer support but the response is very poor as they reply once in 4-5 days. My website is

I see that HTML is not cached by Cloudflare, as is expected.

Have you tried a Purge Everything from the Overview or Cache page?

I also see you’re using Ezoic and wp-cf-super-cache. If Purge Everything doesn’t trigger an update, you’ll have to check with Ezoic.

I already purged everything but the problem is same. Yes i added my website on ezoic but i have switched it off there. You mean i should remove my website from there? Wp super cache i had earlier but has been uninstalled since this problem is happening. I even uninstalled w3c pluging.

If you Purge Everything at Cloudflare with no change, then the caching issue isn’t at Cloudflare.

I’m still seeing an Ezoic HIT header and other headers from Ezoic.

Ok thanks for help. Could you please guide me what should i say to ezoic customer support? I am a newbie, your advice will be helpful. Thanks again.

Ezoic has their own HTML cache system. Check with your Ezoic account manager in case they enabled it without your confirmation (this was my personal experience).

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