Cloudflare is not caching my website

Cloudflare is not caching my website. GTMetrix still shows me a crappy score as well as a suggestion to use a CDN

Please help

Please post a link to that GTMetrix test result.

Its not letting me add a link here

myanimeguru com this is my website and I tested from usa

Cloudflare is caching your website:

I see, but still, my website speed is too low. I have an active WP Rocket plugin on my website too and have done all the best settings possible.

I have tried testing my pages to all different locations inside GTMetrix and I get the same suggestions saying to use a CDN.

i faced same issue with my site , my site speed always down and down .
What shoud i do?

As shown in my screenshot, you’re using a CDN. Those tests just don’t realize it because Cloudflare doesn’t force you to use a CDN hostname.

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