Cloudflare is not caching images,js,css,ico etc


I spent 1 hour in figuring out how its caching these.
Everytime i open a page from a new system,i see all the images get downloaded from origion server.


Looks like cloudflare cache not working. Still in cache it shows so many cached data?
Can anybody tell how to set origin server header for images to cache?


I am using a pro plan still images are not cached?


Images are cached by default, but it takes time for the Cloudflare cache to populate. You can double-check by looking at the Response Headers and find cf-cache-status. If you have this header, then your caching is properly set up. As time passes, it will become a HIT for more of your visitors instead of a MISS.

You can view Response Headers from a browser’s Dev Tools or GTMetrix’s waterfall view.


You mean that you are seeing the browser downloading the images from your domain? That’s expected behaviour. What were you expecting?


1.One system someone opens home page
after 1 minute
2.some one else opens home page from other system

in second case it should not download images from my website,they should be served by cloudflare

I am checking domain logs everytime someone opens a home page all images are served from my server not cloudflare.


If User A is in Los Angeles and visit your site, Cloudflare’s LAX location will have to get that image from your site, then it will be cached for the next user in Los Angeles. If User B in Frankfurt then visits your site, Cloudflare’s FRA location doesn’t have this image cached, so it’s going to have to get it from your server. The next user in Frankfurt will get the cached file.


another issue is cloudflare not minify javascript


Only cached text files are minified. On second load, I saw that Bootstrap was minified.


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