Cloudflare is not caching correctly

This is my Cloudflare analytics screenshot
It was doing fine but somehow it has gone low very low

The traffic is increasing on my website and this is going down why?

Might be HTML, which is “DYNAMIC” content, therefore not cached “by default” :thinking:

Otherwise, can you share the example URl so we could double-check HTTP cache-control headers and other related, which might impact this too (like period for how long the resources are being kept in a cache at Cloudflare Edge, etc.)?

Kindly, may I ask you to check out what option have you got selected by navigating to the Cloudflare dashboard → Caching → Configuration → find section “Browser Cache TTL” and “Edge Cache TTL”*

Are you using some custom-made Page Rules for any caching?

Are you using WordPress; if so, is Cloudflare APO in use?

myanimeguru com

I couldn’t find edge cache ttl

I am not using any custom-made page rules
Yes I am using WordPress
Umm I am not sure about what is Cloudflare APO

Thank you for feedback.

I can see you’re using eZoic, therefore I am afraid resources aren’t cached at all :thinking:

However, for CSS, JS and images, I can see Cloudflare “HIT” status and max-age 1 year → that’s due to the Browser Cache TTL.

The HTML content, as already stated, isn’t cached by default.

WordPress, okay. Cloudflare APO is one caching feature to use, not required but optional offered at Pro plan.

Regarding Page Rules, okay.

Umm then what should I do to make this right?
I tried using ezoic cdn but its too crappy compared to Cloudflare and adds few seconds of loading time too
then I turned it off to completely use Cloudflare
now what should I do

Hey there, I was wondering if you got any solution for this

Hey there, isn’s somebody viewing this thread?

Bro you there?


I think that’s not it. The site is still using ezoic.

I suggest you to check the doc, read & apply what’s best suitable for you:

Using Page rules:
The in-depth information on cache:

You can also take more control on caching. Check from your dashboard. Select the site-> Toggle on to → Caching & the related configurations.

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