Cloudflare is not allowing me to remove DNS records for email

We registered a domain through Cloudflare and enabled the email routing. Now we have disabled the email routing but it is not allowing us to remove any of the DNS records that Cloudflare added for the routing.

It keeps saying that Email routing has to be disabled before the DNS records can be deleted but it is disabled.

Please assist as we cannot get emails configured with a third party provider.

Do you have a “Start disabling” button?

Hello - thanks for the quick response. I already disabled it last week so I only have an Enable option.

When you clicked the “start disabling” button it should have given you the choice to delete or keep the DNS records; if you selected “keep” then you should now be able to manually delete them through the DNS panel. What does it look like when you try to delete the records through the DNS panel?

I did not get that option at all.

This is what it looks like when I go to delete the record

Thanks again!

Seems like it could be bugged somehow. Try re-doing the setup of the Cloudflare e-mail forwarding, then maybe when you disable it again it’ll give you the choice.

If it still doesn’t let you delete them you should be able to work around it… the MX priorities for the Cloudflare mail servers should all be random two-digit numbers like 14/22/89. So if you set the MX records for your other e-mail service as priority 1 & 2 (or set them both priority 1 for load-balancing), the Cloudflare servers should never get hit (unless your other e-mail service is totally down). You might have to mess with DMARC / SPF / DKIM records as well but those shouldn’t be locked so you should be able to do whatever you want with them.


I did try the enable and disable again last week as well and I did not get that delete option.

With email routing, what are ways I can send emails out using this domain?

For outbound e-mails, no DNS entries are strictly required (by default, anyone can send e-mail on behalf of any domain), however, you likely have a “deny all” SPF record that will need to be edited. For example you probably have a TXT record with a value similar to “v=spf1 ~all”, which means that only Cloudflare can send e-mail on behalf of the domain. This DNS entry shouldn’t be locked so you should be able to edit it freely, i.e. to add another “include:” value for every outbound e-mail service you want to authorize. The e-mail service should be able to tell you what the SPF record should look like. Just make sure you only have one SPF record (with any number of “include:” values) and that the “~all” (deny everything else) is at the very end.

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