Cloudflare is not active on the site

The site is hosted on Cloudways and the domain provider is Cloudflare. I adjusted all the known settings, but Cloudflare is not active on the site.

What is the domain?

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It shows as active for me, but you’re bypassing cloudflare on Edit the records from :grey: to proxied :orange:

When I edited the records from :grey: to proxied :orange I got this warning next to the logs (This hostname is not covered by a certificat), and the site stopped.

That is because you have TLS/SSL set to off, go here and select Full (strict) and it should work AOK,

I activated the certificate but nothing changed.
But I have a hosting certificate.
Isn’t there a conflict or something like that?

+1 perfect, you do not need to generate a self-sign cert.

Site loads fine for me with https.

What error are you seeing?

Perhaps try incognito mode, clear browser cache, and/or different browser

The warning did not disappear from the logs, and the site does not work for me

Can you attach screenshots of each?

Tagging @dmartin1 fyi

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You do not have Universal SSL enabled on your domain.

Can you click on on enable universal SSL?

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Everything is good now
appreciate your help.
You are the best.
Many thanks for your time.


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