Cloudflare Is Making My Site slower

I am using Cloudflare CDN for the first time. Decided to test with the free package before purchase. However, I was greatly disappointed as my page seems to be loading slower now. it’s gone from about 1.8-sec load speed to 2.8 sec. The Cloudflare speed test says its
loading 37% faster. the tests I run outside of Cloudflare are telling me the opposite. Is there possibly something I did wrong or is Cloudflare Scam. Opinions, Suggestions, advice.

Run the test second time immediately after you run the first test, and you might see a different result.

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google PageSpeed Insights 2.9 s first run
google PageSpeed Insights 3.6 s second run

Personal ping test 3.1 s first run
Personal ping test 2.9 second run

I was loading around 2 seconds before Cloudflare and improvement from repeating the test directly after is from caches is it not. Apparently, my gzip compression has quit functioning since begining the service as well.

What’s your website?

could a config in my server be causing Issues with cloudflare Im enabling compression
in the .htaccess could the cause issues with cloudflares compression method.

Are you able to test it using GTmetrix? It’s difficult to determine why Google Pagespeed Insights gave such results.

Anyway, this is the result I get from GTmetrix.

GT metrix Gave me 1.1 which is the best I’ve gotten even before cloudflare. Why do you think the results are so varied across testing tools. Some are telling me compression is enabled others disabled. Same with exp headers. I was not getting result like this before. Do you know what method of compression cloudflare uses.

Or possibly does cloudflare only compress files up to a certain size on their free plan.
and this is disrupting compression on my end.

The issue is compression for sure some times data is going through compressed and other
times not. Maybe I need to tweak the configs. If anyone has had similar issues with compression and may offer insight I would appreciate.

I can’t say I can confirm that. Your site seems to take - without Cloudflare - about three seconds to load most content, and actually X seconds to load completely because of that 35 ! MB video (:flushed:) which you are downloading on each visit. As for the latter, I am not quite sure why you’d be doing that :wink:


The video should be cached. I may have messed with something in the config file. while trying to figure out why the compression stopped

It doesn’t change the fact that a visitor will have to download 35 megabytes. I’d strongly advise against that.


Try using wp rocket and cloudflare APO or for free version use cloudflare worker to cache. This has significantly increased the load time of my website

Yeah, I need to do some image and file optimizing.
The images are not sized correctly yet either.
I do however want to keep the video background.
I am still wondering though whats causing the weird
test results though? some time items are compressed other times not.

Different testing parameters and testing server environments are why. See

Oh definitely - speed of light is ultimately the limitation of networks so on 3G/4G high latency connection which alot of page speed insight/lighthouse tools use for mobile tests, that 35 megabyte video will take ages

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Plus, just to put it into perspective, if someone has a one gigabyte quota on his traffic the OP just used 4% of that for some questionable purpose.


Indeed. @dikweb for any chance of decent page load speed especially for Google’s mobile first search rankings, you need total page load size (for HTML+CSS+JS+images+video including 3rd party assets) to be less <400-1000KB

Yes I still need to minimize the code and resize and compress media,

Yes google page insights are for mobile and gtmetrix Desktop. However, when I run the same test back to back occasionally I score significantly lower and it says compression is not enabled. I have compression enabled in the config and the syntax is good. Also, Cloudflare is compressing. So are you telling me that resizing media will fix this issue? I’ve had pages I was coding live like this before testing load speed and compressing as I go. the goal is to retain as much media quality as possible with an acceptable load speed. Then I’m changing the Domain name and notifying the search engines. I will be using a paid-for CDN for the final site. I, ve used others but want to switch to Cloudflare, people say it’s better. I would like to solve this one weird bug. I’m going to resize the media today
to see if that fixes the bug. however, if anyone has had a similar issue with Gzip on a L.A.M.P after starting cloudflare and has insight I would appreciate it. I would hate to have to over-compress or remove media and still be throwing this error.