Cloudflare is making my site countinuosly redict. Please help

Hi, now this is 3rd problem happened in past 5 days because of cloudflare.
Worse thing non is solved by so called priority support.
My site is counstinously redirecting.
I was using js challenges because of lange influx of bots.
Please help me

May I ask you to re-check, if you are in a redirection loop caused by an SSL option being selected on the SSL/TLS tab like Flexible SSL?

Or, you are in a redirection loop regarding JS Challenge being in some kind of a cache in your Web browser?

Have you tried accesing your Website using another web browser, or a private window, or by using a VPN connection?
Have you tried clearing your Web browser cache?

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Used incognito but was still redireting.
I am using strict SLL.
It was going on for at least 45 minutes.

Go to this article to fix redirect loop errors: Troubleshooting redirect loop errors – Cloudflare Help Center
If you couldn’t fix the problem, then you probably need professional help. Talk to the web designer in website about your issue. He may help you.

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