Cloudflare is listed as the nameserver for my domain, I need them to update DMARC

I work for an MSP and a previous employee misconfigured DMARC for several of our clients in a time before I worked for the company. We’ve been receiving DMARC aggregate reports directly to our internal ticket queue and have been having to skim out thousands of messages from our queue in the mornings before production. I have been able to silence 2/3 reports, but this final client their nameservers are hosted by Cloudflare, and I cannot get in touch with support to help me.

For one of the tenants, I was able to change the .txt myself, the second one I had to reach out to the nameserver host which I think was, whose support team was very helpful in updating the record to what I had provided and now we are no longer getting the spam from that client.

I submitted a support ticket to Cloudflare and immediately got the canned response that we need to be the account holder, there is no account holder, to my knowledge the client has a registrar account, but no Cloudflare account, any changes I make to the registrar are irrelevant, that entry is a dud.

For security purposes I would prefer not to share any details about the domain name or registrar information here, but I would like to know what my options are for contacting Cloudflare support to help with this? I’ve tried an email and a call so far, nothing is working.


If the domain is registered with Cloudflare then there is a Cloudflare account. If there are Cloudflare nameservers, then there will be a Cloudflare account.

Your client, or someone working for them, will have set the account up. They will need to try the recovery steps here…

If that doesn’t work, if the domain registration is not with Cloudflare, then the client will need to take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at the registrar to those for another Cloudflare account, or another DNS provider.

If the account contains a domain registration, your client will need to contact Cloudflare themselves in order to retrieve it if they can’t access their account.


Hi, thanks for your response. Based on what you’re saying, if I do a WHOIS and CLOUDFLARE is showing up as my Name Server then someone has to have an account somewhere, we just don’t have the credentials stored for it?

Thanks again.

If they are of the type, then yes. (A numbers of providers do use Cloudflare for DNS infrastructure, but those have custom names).

What is the domain?

The domain is using Cloudflare…

…but domain registration is not with Cloudflare so if you are unable to get access to the Cloudflare account by the means on the recovery page you can just take control of the DNS by changing the nameservers at the domain registrar (to another Cloudflare account or other DNS provider).

You’ll need to know the details of your web host as that’s hidden behind the Cloudflare proxy.


Got it, thanks. Let the hunt begin.

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According to, the nameservers were only changed to Cloudflare on 2024-03-01 so someone did this recently.


SJR is a super helpful contributor, just that info was enough to help me track down the individual who made the change in March, also providing some very useful tools!

Thank you!

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