Cloudflare is indicating my IP as machine


I dont know where I need to contact but in my company I have a huge problem with Cloudflare. On some sites it indicates our IP number as machine or smth and we cannot access the pages even after Captcha.

What should I do? We got stable public IP number which we cannot change.
Configuration of our network is done properly and were not sending any spam emails or something. We’re normal production company.

Meaning, you have a static IP?
If you cannot access your own sites, I would add it to the IP Access Rules and Firewall Rules with action “Allow”.
That way, it shouldn’t be challenged anymore.

May I ask have you checked your company IP address on or similar?
Any crawler running from your IP on some device/server?

If they are not your own Websites, it could be some part of a Security Settings on that Websites (which are using Cloudflare services).

Thanks for help.
Yes, we do have a static IP, and no crawlers.
I checked our IP on many sites, including and everything is fully ok.

We dont have a problem with acces to our own site but with access to some sites protected by Cloudflare, for example,, or and so on.

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