Cloudflare is host / Cloudflare is not host?

I’m new and want to start web with wordpress, I search many websites that are recommending Cloudflare for hosting. I visit help forums and their i found, cloud flare is not a host provider. (ref:

On the other side, i search many websites to see which hosting they are using. Many of them are Cloudflare :D. I am confused but want to buy Cloudflare server/hosting for wordpress site please someone help me.

see the screenshot before reply:

So why the sites i searched for their hosting provider are showing Cloudflare as their host? as you said it’s not a host nor CDN?, secondly, if i purchase hosting e.g. siteground, how i activate Cloudflare on my website?

Thanks, if i need it, i activate directly through genuine website or use third party hosting and install though cpanel

Sites protected by Cloudflare show up as using Cloudflare IP addresses, so site listings often show that that site is “hosted” by Cloudflare, since that’s who users go through to reach your site. “Hosting” is not the correct term in this case.

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I strongly suggest you first set up your website at a host, then add it directly here with a Cloudflare account.
Using a third party to add your site to Cloudflare can add unwanted challenges later.

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Thanks you really helped me :smile:

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