Cloudflare is giving 523 Error! Really!

I’ve got 3 websites on one hosting of the I was using Cloudflare on all these 3 sites, and yesterday, Cloudfare started showing my Error 523 Origin is unreachable, Whenever I visit my site sometimes, it shows error 523 and sometimes it runs, but most time error 523.
I thought it was a webserver, but after when I open my website in the USA with VPN I noticed It was successfully, running. Then Cloudflare hits in my mind, and I Changed my nameservers from Cloudflare nameservers to my hostings nameservers with only 2 of my sites(just to test).
And I got it, Cloudflare was culprit, I am happy but sad on another site, I love Cloudflare, all I want now is Cloudflare should solve this issue.

What’s the domain, and from where was it unreachable? Sometimes a web host will block an IP address, so a Cloudflare visitor from one country will get blocked, but a Cloudflare route from a different country will be ok.

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What does that means, is ti because of web server.
However, I got the solution, what I did is that I made one new account of Cloudflare, removed all sites from this and re-installed Cloudflare on my sites with new account, now everything is working fine for me. is it okay to do that, and will I face any error again?

There are no guarantees when it comes to your host’s behavior. If they’ve blocked Cloudflare before, they could do it again.

How do I know they blocked Cloudflare, and how to tell them not to?

Ask them. They’ll probably say “no” because it takes too much time to comb through logs. If you can give them the precise time of the blocked request, that might make it easier.

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Not sure if you’re hitting a 522 or 523 error, both need to be resolved at the origin. Here’s tip on 523 errors, Community Tip - Fixing Error 523: Origin is unreachable

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