CloudFlare is generating Origin Server Certificate in invalid format

I decided to use the Cloudflare Origin Server SSL certificate for Full security mode. I created a new certificate by going to SSL/TLS and then Origin Server. I used the default options like format RSA Key, expiry 15 years, etc. And, that copied the newly created certificate and private key to configure it on my CPanel.
But, whenever I paste that key or certificate, it says invalid format. I thought, it might be an issue with my way and I contacted my Host to configure the SSL for me. But, they said, the certificate is invalid and can not be parsed.
One may think, this issue might be related to my host, alright? But, I used the online SSL and CSR decoder tool and all of these tools could not decode that certificate. I always copy exact code without adding any extra space or anything.
Copied exact code starting with line,
-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE----- and ending with,


Have you double-checked for whitespaces?
If you were fast with copy-paste of your CSR (this is not value for SSL Request field, rather it is the value for SSL Certificate field) and KEY (value for SSL key field) from Cloudflare while generating, maybe it did not selected all the needed.

Recently I was also generating Origin CA, and clicked fast to CSR field to copy, saw it was “half selected” and had to re-check what I have copied.

Moreover, maybe you would need to add “SSL bundle” too (Cloudflare Origin CA root certificates):

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