Cloudflare is forwarding to an unknown URL

Cloudflare is forwarding to an unknown URL.
I have been using this account for years without change, but today the URL is forwarding to cutsy[dot]net
Thank you

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What’s your site which is redirecting? It could be helpful in determining the exact cause of the redirect.

If you don’t think it’s on your origin’s side (the web server behind Cloudflare), it could be set within Cloudflare. You could check your Audit Logs Review audit logs · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs or in your Cloudflare dashboard, check under Page Rules, or Rules => Redirect Rules ( for any redirects.

If you find a redirect you didn’t create, or an Audit Log Event by you/not your normal IP creating it, your account may have been compromised: Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs

If you don’t find anything within Cloudflare, it may be returned from your origin. If you know how to use Devtools, if the redirect response contains CF-Cache-Status – it’s from your origin web server and not Cloudflare.


Hi Chaika,
My domain; cpapteamagenda[dot]com is suppose to resolve at supersaas[dot]com but it is going to cutsy[dot]net/XCvBJyPvB a domain I don’t know.
Thank you,

I just found a crazy redirect in my Cloudflare Redirect Rules pointing to cuty[dot]io that I did not add.

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Thanks for sharing the domain. As you have found, the redirect was indeed caused by one of your Cloudflare settings.

If you did not add it, I would delete the redirect, and take actions to secure your account, assuming that it is compromised: Secure compromised account · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs


+1 @ira1 good troubleshooting. I noticed that rule is named vz, we’ve seen that same rule name used recently for a different redirect. Leaving that bit of info here for the next person seeing this.

The suggestion to secure your account is spot-on.


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