Cloudflare is failing to lookup new domain

Trying to add a 3rd domain to my account I grabbed from freenom. The few whois sites iv tried are able to look up the registrar information no problem but cloudflare fails when I try to add it to my account saying it cant find any information.

I remember there were recent topics from other users about Freenom domains having some issues with free TLDs like .tk and similar as far for now on the WHOIS lookup, and also cannot add the domain to their Cloudflare account.

Is this also related to some free TLD or?

Maybe we have to wait for some time, hopefully to get this fixed.

Until then, I could only advise you to purchase and try using some gTLD like .com, .net, etc. which works.

Yes its a free domain, my 2nd. Main one is go daddy. So this is just a temp thing for now?

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