Cloudflare is failed to connect to Azure IP after migration

Hello, After the migration of the site from old host to Azure during Custom domain set up everything is secure. A and txt record are updated on Cloudflare. But the site is not running on the new Azure IP but custom domain is still pointing to old IP while Azure IP is showing a 404 website not found error. Not only that the the site pages URL is change from my domain to after some time on live site.
Basically site is running on azure URL which is correctly pointing to IP but old IP also is on It’s so confusing.

Hi there,

A 404 always comes from the origin, so you need to check if the origin is accepting connections to your hostname.

As for the IP, when the record is proxied, Cloudflare external IP masks the real IP addresses, this is by design, but if your IP is correct in the records shown in the dashboard, that’s where Cloudflare is sending the requests to.

Take care.