Cloudflare is erroneously preventing me from accessing much of the web

I get various Cloudflare errors as I cruise the web. I suspect that Cloudflare has decided it doesn’t like my IP block for some reason. How do I Cloudflare to stop breaking the internet for me? I have a static IP.

A couple of other similar topics have come up, and inevitably the suggestion is to work around Cloudflare’s misbehavior. That seems wrong. Surely there’s an avenue to actually solve the problem.

Hi @zbrozek,

Is it captchas or blocks you see?

Cloudflare provide various services to websites to allow them to challenge or block visitors. It may be based on the security level or threat score that Cloudflare assigns to visitors. If there are no bad acts from an IP for ~ 5 days, the reputation should reset. It may be, however, that site owners are blocking your IP(s), ASN or country, for example.

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Yes. Both.

I doubt each individual site is so savvy. I suspect Cloudflare has given them a checkbox for a service (but I am not a user of Cloudflare, merely a victim) and individual sites don’t know what they’re doing.

So, as just some dude trying to get things done on the web while stuck at home, I find this behavior to be hugely detrimental.

I understand, I suspect it may be the ‘Security level’ setting, which allows site owners to set the security to:

  • Essentially Off
  • Low
  • Medium
  • High
  • Under Attack.

If you don’t mind me seeing your IP address, you can go to (just let me know roughly what time you visited), you will be blocked but I can then see what category they are classing your threat score in. Not a lot we can do about it, but might help if you want to know! If that looks OK, there may be other possibilities. You might alwo want to have a look at:

I don’t mind you knowing my IP; that’s not exactly something anyone can realistically hide. I just accessed it about a minute prior to this post.

Interesting, that shows your Threat Score as 0, so that shouldn’t be an issue. It may be that some sites have custom rules configured that block or challenge you, but it would be unusual to have that many with the same rules.

So, is there a human being to talk to at Cloudflare? Or do I need to wait for shelter-in-place to be over and show up to their office and beg?

There are plenty of excellent human beings at Cloudflare, but not any that can change their customers’ settings, I don’t think.

This isn’t a customer-settings problem. It’s an engineering problem that Cloudflare enables (nee, encourages) doing the wrong thing. Further, it’s Cloudflare’s classification that erroneously maps my IP to some group that they’ve encouraged to block. Clearly responsibility is with Cloudflare.

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