Cloudflare is disabling gzip?

I have 2 websites on wordpress, they are identical except for the language. The DNS is on google dns, the is DNS is on Cloudflare.
Every setting is identical but pingdom tools reports lower performance for the one hosted on Cloudflare, main problem being: Compress components with gzip.
I checked again, everything is identical on nginx config for the 2 domains. What could be the problem? I disabled Brotli to make sure there is no conflict here.

May I ask did you disabled Brotli at Cloudflare dashboard?

And serving gziped (.gz file-type) resource from your origin host/server?

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Yes. From cloudflare dashboard.

Nginx is in charge of that. I score 100 on the other website. I can post the links here if it’s ok, there is no secret of course, just didn’t wanted to spam.

May you be able to provide us with a screenshot from showing your Brotli status?

100 what? Apples :slight_smile: please specify that. What measurement are you talking about? Google PageSpeed Insights? WebPageTest? GTmetrix? Pingdome?

Don’t worry, providing us with usefull info would never be considered spam. The URLs would be appreciated.

Not if you proxy through Cloudflare. If you proxy it, Cloudflare does have the last word on what is getting delivered how. So your settings would be important to know.

Cloudflare is not disabling Gzip, but it indeed can recompress it if the brotli compression is more effective/efficient. But also the Brotli settings should be respected and if it really is turned off (and cache cleared after this) it should not deliver ANY file compressed with brotli.

Can you please provide us with the info @fritex asked for?


Here are the result for - DNS on Cloudflare

Here are the result for - dns on google.

I guess the 100 is about points. Apples not that much. :slight_smile:

Here is how I disabled the Brotli

Can you please provide us with the info @fritex asked for?

Not sure what is unanswered. Do I serve .gz from origin? No. It’s a standard wordpress. GZipping files is nginx job and it does it very well (see example)

Thanks for the reply.


The tests you provide are from Pingdome.
Pingdome is probably the worst most unprofessional WebPage Speedtest you can use. Also it’s results vary and on top of this it does not provide a lot of POPs to test from.
Also Pingdome is known for not liking Brotli… please do NOT orientate your website according to Pingdomes speedtests. They are worth nothing… as their tests are not reflecting the real world.
Please take one of these Benchmark tools:

(all are free!)


The two domains you have provided are not the same, they are somewhat similar but not the same. Therefore: you can not use two undefined variables to compare something.
Please set up the SAME site with proxy :orange: and once with unproxied :grey: and test these two.

Also I have tested both of your page and could not see “content-encoding: br” anymore on the domain proxied by Cloudflare, so Cloudflare does respect the Brotli setting, there is no problem here.

The difference in benchmarks results from the fact, that you test two different sites, with different content. Therefore the above statement is not true, I see clear differences in how many and what pictures are getting used, which will impact a benchmark.

To answer your question:

No, after these tests I can guarantee Cloudflare does not “disable” gzip, and serves your content gzip encoded, as you wanted it to.

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