Cloudflare is Caching videos on its own (Terabytes)

I’ve just logged into my Cloudflare dashboard and decided to look at Last 30 days Analytics. There i saw this:

Total Data Served: 4 TB
Data Cached: 4 TB
Percent Cached: 97.6%

On my Website i have around 30 videos, each video is about 5mb-20mb big. Getting 100k-200k visitors, 6M+ requests monthly.

Now I’m wondering why is Cloudflare Caching my videos? I don’t have any such settings enabled. All of my settings are as they were when i made my Account. Everything set to Default apart from Auto Minify setting.

If anyone know why is this happening let me know. I don’t wanna get my Cloudflare account in trouble, but there is nothing i have done. They’re caching videos on their own.

The ToS refer to serving video, not just caching it. If you are serving disproportionate amounts of non-HTML content over a proxied hostname then you may be at risk.

Thanks for the reply.

So if i understand you correctly i should be looking at CDN or disable proxied traffic that is coming through Cloudflare for my Videos?

Yes, you should look at using Cloudflare Stream or another video hosting provider or serve your videos yourself via an unproxied hostname.

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