Cloudflare is caching sites cookies (doubling them on clientside)

Hey All,

I noticed that when I go to my website and I use chrome to inspect the cookies; I see that my cookie count is doubled (somewhere around 50!). I see that CF is serving these cookies as well as my website. My question is, can we disable cookies being cached? If not, how does this work with cookie consent plugins that aim to block cookies?


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Whats your domain? (it’s under Coming soon at the moment)

I only sent me three cookies, out of which one is a session cookie, one Cloudflare’s, and one a Wordpress cookie with an immediate expiration.

Ok, strange. I will temporarily unlock the site; would you be able to access it again and let me know if you have more cookies?

Also, looks like there’s some extra proxy/cache in front of your server? Maybe that’s your hosts’ doing?

image (these are not CF headers)

Ive unlocked the site

Still getting the same cookies. On which URL do you receive them?

Strange. Because now I checked as well and it loaded 9. Which is fine. It happened even on the coming soon page. When I inspected the cookies; I had 2 folders: Cloudflare & Both of which contained the exact same cookie list. But if you’re not seeing anything strange like I mentioned; then I think its a good thing.

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