Cloudflare is buggy



Trying to update images on website.
No matter what I did the image wouldn’t change.
I went into cloudflare and purged the Cache AND turned off (grey clouded) the DNS to stop Cloudflare interfering with my testing.
I went and replaced a few more images and still -no changes.
i went back into Cloudflare and purged the cache again and voila! the images updated.

How can cloudflare caching be an issue when the website is grey-clouded? How do I exclude cloudflare?


I highly doubt that is the case. It’s hard helping you without knowing the domain name, your configuration, etc. some details can be useful.


Great, I come to the community, detail an issue, and the response I get from a “Leader” is effectively “You’re lying”
Thanks for your help - with that support philosophy there would never be any issues - I should employ the same strategy…


If you’ve set your site to :grey:, you’ve eliminated Cloudflare as a potential caching issue. @Matteo isn’t accusing you of lying. He’s just responding to your final question of how Cloudflare can be the problem when it’s set to :grey:.

Moving on…this is intriguing. The update didn’t show until you turned Cloudflare back on. My first suggestion would be to clear your browser cache. Maybe you already tried that.

If it’s still a problem, can you post a screenshot of the stale content, plus the URL so we can try viewing it from different locations? I’d also like to look at the HTTP headers of the stale content.


Sorry, no offence, but showing that kind of attitude first thing in the - mentioned - community is not a good way to start.

Matteo did not accuse you of lying but voiced his doubts about the outlined situation and that is a legitimate thing to do. Furthermore, I am afraid your issue is not detailed enough to provide anything reasonable apart from guessing. I, too, will raise my doubts about the situation at this point, as no Cloudflare cache is involved the moment you :grey: your hosts. So you either still used some stall DNS entries or had something cached somewhere else on the way.

There might be bugs in certain areas at Cloudflare but the area you described is pretty well tested and unlikely to exhibit the behaviour you described.


No one was accusing you of lying, but given the experience I have in solving this kind of issues I stand by my post. I can see many kind of problems causing the issue: different subdomain, strange redirects, problems in the configuration and even in your code, ignoring all the possible causes due to the nature of the internet and many possible caching issues with DNS and content. It’s almost impossible the Cloudflare cache failed if the hosts were :grey: since it isn’t even involved.

I would still like to see more info about this as also @sdayman said:


have you checked if it’s browser cache related ? maybe your cache control headers

you can enter the full url link to a image you want to check headers for and go to enter the full url link and hit request and share what the header response comes back with to see cache control you have set on origin backend and/or cloudflare

also if you purge cloudflare cache, you usually see a message saying to some effect ‘clearing cache may take up to 30 seconds’ so it isn’t immediate too.

also what type of web application/script you’re using ? the app/script may also have it’s own level of caching running i.e. wordpress or forum software can be configured to use caching at web app level so they could hold onto cached web elements like css, js, and images longer i.e. wordpress and super cache, cache enabler, w3 total cache etc full page static caching.


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