Cloudflare is breaking our website and they're support is closed
When Cache is enabled - pages randomly take 10-20 seconds to load.
We asked CF about this but just get a standard response.
We pay them for ARGO etc but are about to move on because they’re making Google think are website is very slow.

Does anyone know WHY pages would load slowly when cache is enabled?

is there a free CDN which include an SSL certificate and does not cause huge loading times?

Do you have a proof to show that your website is loading slowly? E.g. GTmetrix test? Maybe run the test for a couple of times.

I ran the test for 5 times and it is consistently returning good results.

Interesting that you keep ignoring for months already the warning that your site is broken and actually insecure.

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I’ve enabled CF cache , tested URL below.
The 1 file :
shows a very long load time then timeout or maybe success :

522 error - this ONLY occurs when CF cache is enabled.
When cache is bypassed - this issue does not occur…

When CF cache enabled :