Cloudflare is blocking whitelabelled domain

We have implemented domain whitelabeling in our application, where loading the whitelabeled domain displays the content of the actual application domain. To enable this, we included a wildcard entry in the nginx server to allow all hostnames. Initially, the proxy status of the application domain was set to DNS only, and the whitelabeled domain loaded successfully. However, when we updated the proxy status from DNS only to proxied for geo-blocking purposes, the whitelabeled domain started encountering errors.

Please refer to the screenshot below for details on the error:

As the message says, CNAME to another Cloudflare account isn’t permitted.

You will need to use Cloudflare for SaaS to offer your service with the proxy enabled.


Will enabling Cloudflare for SaaS introduce issues with existing DNS?

Does enabling Cloudflare for SaaS pose any potential issues with the existing DNS configuration?

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