Cloudflare is blocking Semrush

I’ve whitelisted it with the IPs that Semrush support gave me but still i can’t access.
IP addresses:,,
Thanks for your help.

Are these requests listed in Cloudflare’s firewall event log? If so, can you post screenshot?

Also, how did you whitelist the addresses?

Hi Sandro,
Please find attached a printscreen.

That explains how you whitelisted it and should actually work, but I was asking for a screenshot of the firewall event log.

Here you are:

That’s still not the firewall event log, though the error message suggests it comes straight from your server. You’ll have to change on your server in that case.

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Should I contact the hosting, Hostgator ? Or can I fix it by myself?

Difficult to tell, depends where that block is configured. Also depends on your experience in that field of course. Contacting your host might not be a bad idea though, they should be able to point you to the right direction.

But the main question would still be whether you have these requests in the event log.

Do you have Super Bot Fight Mode options set to anything but ALLOW (on paid plans)?

You have some CF-RAY ID on those logs. Can you lookup those in the Cloudflare Firewall to see what Cloudflare decided to do with those requests?

Hello, I have not Super Bot Fight Mode. Sorry but I did not understand what should I do…

As I mentioned earlier, that error comes from your server and you need to check that there. Cloudflare won’t be involved if nothing shows up in the event log.

You need to talk to talk to your host.

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