Cloudflare is blocking my website

I need some help please. Yesterday when I went to my website: whatshappeningdelco, I got a message stating that I was blocked and was unable to access my site. I had the option of clicking on a button to check the system. After verifying Cloudflare was legit, I clicked the button and then had issues ever since. Windows Command Processor started popping up and my malware software started popping up malwares issues. We sent Cloudflare a ticket and immediately got a reply it was resolved, which it was not. My hosting company wasn’t able to do much and after having to take my computer to get fixed, I was told that my website was trying to redirect to Gitlab and apparently Cloudflare and my new antivirus were not accepting it. I tried to reply back to Cloudflare with all of this info and immediately got another message that it was resolved. No it is not! I don’t know what to do. Any guidance would be appreciated.

Also, my IT guy said that at one point he saw an error message: error 1020 access denied
Not sure what this means no why Cloudflare isn’t helping with this.

The warning you saw was not from Cloudflare. It was malware abusing the Cloudflare name in an attempt to convince people to download and run a malicious payload on their computer.


Oh wonderful! Thanks for sending this to me.
I can’t seem to get this resolved, Have to see if my IT can get farther with this.

Thank you!

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