CloudFlare is blocking my site by its own rule/will whimsically :(

I have endless security check when I am trying to connect to my own site from my mobile phone. I do not have Rule name in the event but only Rule ID: iuam (what is this?) (screenshot). So, I think that Cloudflare is blocking my site without my will. How to stop this?

The security level was “I’m under attack” and was changed 20 hours ago, but I did not set it myself! I set it Essentially off - and the site is available for me now.

What is going on?!!

Check your audit log to see what made changes to your account.

Your site should work fine with a security level of high (maybe with a little tuning for APIs and external services).

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Yes, I see that I changed it before. What is the default security level in general?

For a newly added zone I think it is set to “medium”.


Not at all, from the screenshot you shared, you have / had a rule to block traffic from the Russian Federation.

If you want to allow some traffic (like your own), you can created a rule to allow access for your IP and place it above the rule to block on country.

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