Cloudflare is blocking my Nexmo SMS phone number verification process

recently I had to deactivate Cloudflare protection because it was blocking my website SMS phone number verification tool (through Nexmo) I have contacted support but all I am getting is bot answers.I really need to protect my site but I need some help in configuring Cloudflare to allow the service.
Any help is greatly appreciated

Nexmo can’t explain what’s not working? Considering there aren’t any other posts mentioning Nexmo, I’m not sure anybody here is familiar with how it works.

Do they have IP addresses that you can whitelist to help with this?

Hi Sdayman . Well…Nexmo and my hosting provider both got involved and checked on their end and everything was fine but nothing worked until I stopped Cloudflare .Cloudflare staff is very hard to reach for a comment so I have no choice but to try to find some answers on my own .

Nexmo should give you some indication for why it’s not working. It might need to verify your server’s IP address, the remote_addr is wrong (since CF is a proxy), etc. We here can’t help, and neither would Cloudflare support, if we don’t know what is not working.

Fun fact: Nexmo’s own website uses Cloudflare

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