Cloudflare is blocking me from some sites

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What is the domain name?
https exposedpassion com

Cloudflare Ray ID: 80cd82ac1a007f9e

ayer estuve sin poder acceder al sitio durante 4 horas por la tarde y hoy estoy otra vez igual (2023-09-26 16:25 UTC) Spain
I don’t know how your security works, but you know what you could also do? Unplug the internet cable. That would make it impossible for anyone to attack the server…
But anyone can do that, no one would pay a lot of money for that, right?
Well, that’s what you are doing. Blocking access without having the slightest idea if the requester is legitimate or not.

Please don’t reply with the typical welcome, I wish I never had to write to you.
Do a good job, and if you are not able to do it better do nothing, but do not sell this botch that prevents access randomly.

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Cloudflare provides tools for website operators to leverage for security and performance reasons. Why the site operator has chosen to block this request is a question you would have to ask them.


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