Cloudflare is blocking me from accessing sites

Dear staff, how is it possible when i didn’t singed up or wanted to be a member of your site , that your site has tracked my mac’s ID down and now its blocking me from whatever site i want to watch or visit by saying “security check” and that i need to complete a “CAPTCHA?”
I never singed up on your company site or wanted to be a member and suddenly Cloudflare Ray ID: 3ee2966685409ddf tracked my mac’s IP address WITHOUT my consent and added this!!! … now nothing uploads correctly!!! Nothing is opening on the sites even if I try to do the security check!I lost a day of work because of this !!! Also i had to sing up to this site now so i can send you this message . I want you fix and delete this block application from my MacBook furthermore, I want you to stop tracking my address and stop it from blocking the sites that i see. I didn’t singed up for this.

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Sorry to hear that you’ve trouble.
This has nothing to do with your Macbook, PC, Mobile or whatever. There’s no blocking especially against you.

Cloudflare basically blocks access to pages that are protected by CF’s services based on the IP or IP Range of your internet provider and some other Most ISPs assign public IP addresses dynamically. Means: if your router loses it’s connection you will get a new public IP.

If bad guys were using the IP in former times to start attacks against websites or other suspicious behavior was detected from it, the current user of this IP will get challenged with a captcha to ensure there’s a human behind it. I guess there are some other things implemented rather than just checking the IP only. Things like User Agent (provided by your browser. and so on.

Sometime it hits innocent internet users.

A Cloudflare Ray ID is, as far as I know, just an error ID for the Cloudflare team to trace errors. I am using Cloudflare for years now and they do not install anything on your system. Cookies possibly, but this does every website.

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To add on to what @markmeyer already said, the IP address that displays on that page is not publicly shared. It’s visible to you, but not something that is visible for others (unless of course you post a screenshot or inadvertently show it during a screencast).

But there is nothing installed anywhere. The site(s) you are accessing are Cloudflare customers and we provide tools to help them manage their risk. You may want to contact the site operator and let them know that you are having trouble, so they can evaluate if they want to change their settings.

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Log into a VPN or use a friends computer using a different ISP (or ask a friend to go to one of those sites and tell you if he/she has a different experience).

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