Cloudflare is blocking Maxcdn


Hi all, i went to maxcdn support to figure out an error with my images not being shown on several parts of the world, they found out is cloudflare blocking them and provided me a cURL to present to cloudflare staff.
Problem is i don´t know where to send an email, and also i don´t find a contact form.
Can someone help?


Hi there,

You can contact support, login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support


Thanks andy, will do and get back here once solved.


10 hours passed and no reply from the contact form yet…my traffic is going down the drain because of this…users don´t see the og:image on their timeline, they don´t click my articles, all it appears is a blank image.
Is it normal to take so many time for an answer?


Tickets are prioritized by plan level, so you can always consider upgrading to PRO if you are on FREE. What is the ticket number for your submission?


I didn´t receive any email with a ticket number ryan.


Hi John,

If you login to your account and then click support you should land on the help center and you can view open requests. However, you should check your spam and email settings to make sure that you don’t miss important emails.

I’m going to respond in a few minutes on one of the tickets. Be on the lookout for a reply.