Cloudflare is blocking Machool app

I recently activated many Cloudflare features, as I must reduce the load on my server. It has been running out of cpu seconds regularly.

Now, it seems to work, but I realize that I cannot use Machool anymore to connect to my WooCommerce shop for shipping. I am positive that the blockage comes from something on Cloudflare, as if I deactivate it, the service with Machool resumes. And it stops working as soon as I reactivate Cloudflare.

What part of the settings can cause that, and how can I fix it? I am sure it is a question of allowing Machool as a safe user, but I am not sure where and how. I have tried to put a WAF rule with url or, but it did not make any change.

Can you help?

Have you looked at the logs under Security » Overview » Activity Log in your Cloudflare dashboard? The entries there will tell you what (i.e. firewall rule, hotlink protection, managed rule, etc.) blocked a particular request.

Actually, I can’t find any activity that would be blocked or challenged from Machool. I see many bots from Google, Bing, and OneSaas (Sync with Quickbooks) being challenged, but nothing from Machool. Does that mean it’s blocked by another Cloudflare feature?

hallelujah! Found it! They were running under a Google ASN, so I thought it was from Google. But I allowed their IP in the IP access rules, and it works! happy dance :grin:

Thanks a lot for your help!

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