Cloudflare is blocking legitimate Speedify VPN IP addresses


I’m a proud user of Speedify VPN service. I do legal things with Speedify. And I like my legal things to be secret. So why is Cloudflare adding Speedify’s servers to their blacklist – weekly. These are starting to add up too!

Right now I used to and Grindr without issue. But lately I can’t use Speedify’s two Northern Virginia servers anymore. I can’t use Speedify’s New Jersey servers anymore. I now can’t use Speedify’s four Atlanta servers. All these I could use just weeks ago. I’m now leapfrogging through the twelve NYC servers as they one-by-one get the Cloudflare Error 1005 badges of honor.

I know you all at Cloudflare offer a needed service. I get that. But if the onus seems to be to add Tor and VPN-style services more than anything else, then it makes us wonder if you’re not doing agenda stuff. Or the bidding for someone else’s agenda?

How can we get Speedify IP addresses removed from Error 1005? If you need the Cloudflare Ray IDs, here’s the first one to get you started: 41a8faeeca995729.

-Nick K.


I spoke too soon. I can’t visit using any of Speedify’s 16 New York City servers. I’m now relegated to their Chicago server. But who knows for how long? Plus, the further I have to go geographically to avoid the Error 1005s means I suffer higher latency.

Cloudflare, please help. Thank you.

Cloudflare isn’t blocking; a 1005 error is returned when a customer makes a decision to block a particular ASN, Country or IP Range. I believe the error page presented includes information to that effect. We don’t manage settings on behalf of our customers, so the decision to add or remove a settings is the customer’s choice not Cloudflare’s.

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