Cloudflare is blocking Googlebot

Hi there,
When i try to submit my sitemap on Google Search Console while cloudflare is active, i get ‘403 error forbidden’. When i paused Cloudflare and resubmitted it, i got ‘200 OK’ respopnse (the same with Yandex).
Could you please tell me how to allow Google/Yandex bots to access my site while Cloudflare is active?

In the Cloudflare Dashboard’s Firewall section, can you check the Firewall Event Log to see the reason it’s getting blocked?

No, nothing at all, however as i mentioned, when pausing Cloudflare server returns 200 response on submitting the sitemap.

I’m, also facing the same error, I found these events logged in Cloudflare. Please check, and tell what should I do?

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