Cloudflare is blocking google bot

Good Morning,

We were facing some issues with our site “” about google indexation,
our url was in the firs page of google, but since yesterday, google cant index our url and display a 403 messagem at the search console.

After hours and hours trying to fix that, looking to some issue at the server or the application finaly I found that the Firewall of Cloudflare was blocking every IP of google boots.

I add those IP to the whitelist at the Cloudflare panel, but every day I will recieve new addresses and those will be block again so the url will be out of the google pages in some days.

How can we solve that?

The screen where I found the blocked Url’s:

You appear to have blocked that IP address range in your IP firewall rules. They are part of the 66.2490.0/16 IP address space.


Yes it appear to be some rule, I did not find the rule that should be blocking this range, but I remove all blocking rules, and will wait to see if it occurs again, I think it will not, anyway I add those address to whitelist and since the morning firewall did not block any bot address.

It was listed under tools in your Firewall section:

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