Cloudflare is blocking Ezoic Network

I’ve added the ticket to the escalation queue.

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Thank you so much. I believe the issue should get resolved after the needful action.

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@user18160 looking into this issue now. Will update the ticket as soon as I am done with the investigation


@user18160 i have re-opened and updated the ticket. If you can respond before the end of my shift, I will be able to address this for you.


Thanks Tobi for the update. I have inserted the record as said in the email. Please check now.

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@user18160 We have successfully removed the hostname integration. You should be all set.


Thank you very much Tobi. It seems it is working fine now.

Could you please let me know what was the name or ip address of that custom host that you removed. It will be helpful for me resolve the issue in case it appears again.

All evidence points to Bluehost putting their domain into their Cloudflare integration. If someone isn’t familiar with that setup, and/or doesn’t know where to look, they won’t see it.

It’s even more difficult for the user to see this because it’s all behind the scenes. But the indicator is that if you try a settings change at Cloudflare, and everything else looks right yet the setting does nothing, it’s because your domain was added to your current or previous host’s Cloudflare account.

Hosts who are really on the ball know how to track this down and release it for you. Otherwise, Cloudflare will have to clean up their mess.


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