Cloudflare is always showing the status 'DYNAMIC' on our site - what should we do?

We are using Cloudflare, full version for our websites at (Wordpress), (not Wordpress) and others.

Our webhost has CF integrated functionality in Cpanel and that is set to active. We have also set-up the CF plugin in Wordpress to be active. We have also installed and configured the ’ WP Cloudflare Super Page Cache’ Wordpress plugin and that, too, is active.

CF is RUNNING, but it is not CACHING. It has the following status for our website:



How can we make CloudFlare cache our sites please?

We’ve wasted many days trying to set things up with CloudFlare and its demoralising to not see the cache work on our different websites, so would very much appreciate some guidance please.

Thank you very much. I greatly appreciate your co-operation.

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