Cloudflare is Active but Pingdom Says It's Not

Yesterday I added and Cloudflare dashboard says it’s active and has a green check mark. It also says Great news! Cloudflare is now protecting your site

I just whitelisted the IP4 ip addresses as listed here in Hostgator via MySQL.

When I do a pingdom check nothing indicates that my site runs via Cloudflare servers:

it still says “Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)”
Still a score of F 0
At ‘Requests by domain’ section there’s no mentioning of a DNS at all.

Any help would be greatly appreciated to make sure my site actually runs on Cloudflare DNS.


Your site is set to CF nameservers, the A record points to a CF ip address and you have HTTPS from CF so it appears that, yes, your site is running through CF.

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Just found this article that explains it somewhat


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