Cloudflare is a harmful company that brings shame to the TI industry

I am so angry about the way you force people to spend hours like machines doing literally hundreds of captchas a day, supposedly because of IP blacklisting that has absolutely nothing to do with the users of the sites you control. It’s a shameful trick, not so say a scam to make people work for you. You do not deserve a place in a democratic economy, no. You are one of those evil companies that do nothing else but profit and doesn’t care about the impact you have on other people’s lives.

I want to make sure some of you that work for this horrible, unethical company, one that is used to disturb users of the sites of your clients, know what kind of place you’re on.

I hope something changes and you fail badly on your objectives. It’s not fair on good people and ethical companies that such harmful beings like you succeed.

Weren’t I a powerless user of your clients I’d certainly struggle for you to fail. I hope this company dies soon.

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:wave: @thehindedbytheshadow,

Cloudflare doesn’t make anyone do anything. Some of their customers implement Captchas for a variety of reasons. Cloudflare has gone out of their way to create tools like Privacy Pass to make it easier for visitors who might be encounter a captcha.

They’ve provide free SSL to millions of domains and have doubled the number of IPv6 websites on the Internet.

So you are certainly welcome to your opinion, but blaming them because a website chooses to captcha you as a visitor is… well, certainly your right.


About one thirds of the websites I visit block me through their software and make me do their captcha. And I do that several times and there’s no end to it. Even entering in the same website twice after some time brings another captcha.

So yeah, I’m certainly right to blame Cloudflare on the effects of the tools they make.

You could use a small fraction of the time you make doing so nice blocks on blacklisted IPs to recognize that a second visit a few minutes after with the same cookies is not suddenly a bot, until proven othewise.
Cmon, you know it’s not that hard to detect harmful access and DDOS. You just don’t care about users locked on IPs that were blocked by third parties.

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It would send a strong message if you were to stop using those websites because they use Cloudflare. You should let them know.


I should also stop using plastics whatsoever in my life, quit electrical light and live in a burrow.

This business is so spread out that I basically can’t read news unless I buy a VPN or something.

So I’m just point out a fact: Cloudflare could do a better job, but they simply don’t care about users on blacklisted IPs.


:wave: @thehindedbytheshadow,

You are correct. Cloudflare customers are able to choose how long to allow a captcha to allow a user before revalidation. It is entirely possible that you are an innocent bystander whose IP was previously used for malicious purposes. Cloudflare evaluates individual IPs over time and well behaved IPs will drop off their naughty list. If you are subject to a specific customer enabled rule which requires captcha that is a setting and decision by that website operator.

— OG


So what you’re saying is that Cloudflare is not as bad as their customers. They do harm, but the worse is the harm they allow their customers to do to a innocent bystander who is stuck with blacklisted IPs

That is certainly one way to interpret what I said.


— OG


I hope this vent serves more than just a way to cope with frustration this gives me

Good evening/morning to you


You should first blame those induviduals that create trojans, viruses, malware. Second are users who fail to protect themselves from getting infected because they

  • are running end of everything OSs like Windows XP, Windows 7
  • don’t update their software
  • don’t use anti virus Tools
  • click every link they see
  • download cracked software because they don’t want or can’t efffort to pay for it.

This list is endless. Not saying that they are stupid! That’s most likely due to lack of knowledge. Others simply don’t care.

As a result they become part of botnets attacking websites on the internet. Cloudflare uses different sources to protect their customers and yes, there are for sure false positives. But that’s the same for spam protection, anti virus products and so on.

IPs change frequently, especially on consumer connections. There’s a good chance that your IP was part of an attack a few days ago while it was assigned to a totally different user.

I know it can be frustrating. Install the Privacy Pass extension to your browser, this will lower the number of captchas to solve.


I understand your frustration. Running an international website serving (and generating sales leads for) important companies, its embarrassing when porn spam gets sent to my customers. I’ve had no other choice but to make visitors in certain countries solve captchas before entry. About 1500 captchas are served per 24hrs. For example:

It might also be that you visit questionable sites. Them hypocrites don’t want bots stealing the content that they already stole fair and square. :rofl:


Wrong forum – try Glassdoor.


I didn’t know Cloudflare also provides Captcha service. :open_mouth:
I don’t use Captcha and some guy already managed to bring down my European network by trying to scrape data from one of my sites - so I probably will start using some smart captcha in the future.
At the same time captchas are also frustrating to me. Still, it is certainly not evil to provide Captcha service. Try enabling cookies in your browser and you’ll meet less captchas.

What is TI industry btw?


Well I absolutely LOVE Cloudflare - so much that I use the free tier on EVERY one of my TEN WordPress websites.

  • Cloudflare security has enabled me to delete Wordfence - a great plugin, but resource intensive.
  • My Wordfence bot hits dropped to zero once I correctly configured Cloudflare.
  • My TTFB is < 200 ms and I’m on shared hosting - thank you Cloudflare.
  • I’ve even scored a Google Easter Egg… Cloudflare again.

If you would like to enjoy the perks of Cloudflare’s free tier - please read my blog post that discusses every aspect of Cloudflare Setup.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, as stated, but I don’t agree with anything you said.

The world is better if you help people instead of moaning at them. :slight_smile:


Don’t get me started about Cloudflare. I had to disable IPv6 because my entire /64 is blacklisted and triggering captchas, if I get a captcha at all, some websites (Adafruit for example) don’t even offer one. It just completely blocks access.

Cloudfare support won’t give my any answers about why this is happening. See Cloudflare captcha pages when IPv6 is enabled

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Sorry, but Cloudflare provides a valuable service. The responsible people you should be focusing your ire on are the bad actors who are constantly trying to hack other’s websites for a variety of their twisted reasons.

I am not crazy about doing a Captcha, but I will do them all day long if it helps keep sites secure. There is really nothing in your OP that I agree with.


Don’t forget Singapore. And isn’t it odd (but not) that the Netherlands is one of those countries that is a source of attacks?


Agree with Oliver Grant on all counts. Have set up two-step authentication with captchas for security purposes. Let’s hope motives here are not nefarious. Cloudflare has been nothing less than exemplary for website use! In fact, Cloudflare has saved our bacon many times. This is unfounded and reactionary without a foundation of reasoning.



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I don’t fully agree with this. I’ve been using Cloudflare since the first 6 months it started.

About 5 years ago I also came across many of the Captcha block you are currently experiencing. I was very frustrating. However, the website owner has a choice!

I have used the Captcha to slow down Russian, Ukrainian bots/untrusted sources. It saved me a lot of time and worry,

I’ve heard from others in South East Asia, Indonasia, Philippines and Singapore about how they keep seeing Captchas.

Here’s one of the reasons I kept seeing Captcha when travelling in those regions. The ISPs were listed as spam addresses. I got this from other sites. When I changed over to a reputable VPN the captchas started.

It’s not all about Cloudflare or the users. It’s also about the ISPs of which many let things like spamming take place with not control. And I for one am very happy Cloudflare offers protection from this!