Cloudflare IPv6 network routing in China is not optimal (cloudflare ipv6网络在中国的路由并非最佳)

China has three big Internet providers: chinamobile chinaunicom chinatelecom, with the recent year advancement china of IPv6 network construction, more and more people have used IPv6 network.

However, opening a website hosted in the cloudflare network under ipv6 is very slow. many people have encountered this problem. (and this is a long unresolved issue)
After testing, it was found that IPv6 traffic from Chinese visitors to the cloudflare network was directed to Germany (FRA). This behavior caused the network latency to soar to 400ms and the speed slow to 10KB/s. So, it brings a very bad experience to website visitors.
但是,在ipv6下打开cloudflare网络中托管的网站非常慢。 很多人都遇到了这个问题。(并且这是一个很久未解决的问题)
经过测试,发现从中国访客到cloudflare网络的IPv6流量被定向到德国(FRA)。 此行为导致网络延迟飙升至400ms,速度降低至10KB / s。 因此,这给网站访问者带来了非常糟糕的体验。

Obviously can redirect to a nearby Asian region (such as Japan, Hong Kong), but why not?
I very much hope that the staff of cloudflare will know this problem and solve it as soon as possible.

PS:The problem started on 2017-10-24
备注:问题始于 2017年10月24日

Current test location: Jinan, Shandong, China
All tested locations: Jiangsu, China Anhui, China Hebei, China Shanxi,China Shandong, China
所有测试过的位置:中国江苏省 中国安徽省 中国河北省 中国山西省 中国山东省

Problem description: using china mobile to access websites hosted within the cloudflare network is very slow in China. About 30% packet loss 24 hours a day. (all cloudflare ip range in ipv4 network)




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