Cloudflare Ipv4 whitelisting

I am trying to block all traffic except Cloudflare network, so app security/waf cannot be bypassed by someone going to the origin directly.

The problem is, if I cannot restrict via ipv6 due to current architecture with other hosts in the same ip. This is via another system. If I restrict the traffic to ipv4 range of Cloudflare, will it be a problem? I know Cloudflare Ip range includes also ipv6 range. Our network is not completely ipv6 compatible. Do the pseudo ipv4 settings address this. I am not entirely sure.My origin external ips are ipv4.

I have seen couple other topics but just trying to make sure the ipv6 addresses of Cloudflare do not get blocked. Thanks.

If you do not configure IPv6 addresses with Cloudflare, Cloudflare won’t connect via IPv6 in the first place, so you wouldn’t need to block anything.

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